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About Us

Established in the year 1978, SHARDA CORPORATION is Merchant Exporters – Trading Company exporting Stainless Steel Utensils, Cutlery, Kitchenware and Household articles in International Market.
Satisfying customers for their stated and implied needs has been always the Focus of Business Policy of Sharda.

When you think of Steel utensils suppliers in Mumbai or stainless steel utensils exporters in Mumbai we implore you to go for the best quality products only! Sharda Corporation has been firmly rooted in this industry for the past 40 years. It is not merely a company but a family legacy that has been passed on from each generation. Sharda Corporation ensures quality in trading and supply of stainless steel kitchen accessories. We were established in 1978 as merchant exporters and trading company supplying stainless steel utensils, cutlery, kitchenware and household articles.

A homemaker or the grand hospitality industry both use food and accessories. They have to assemble or serve culinary delights as a priority. As steel utensils suppliers in Mumbai or stainless steel exporters in Mumbai we aim to provide all that is required for a homemaker or the chef of a five star kitchen. This is done to maximize their time, comfort and requirements while churning out culinary delights. Right from accessories that aid the cooking process to storage or presentation of the final component we areinvolved. Sharda Corporationis a supplier of stainless steel kitchen accessories that provide comfort with class.

So still wondering what makes us so special? Since Sharda Corporation aims at supplying the best only, we adhere to the principles of Total Quantity Management striving for the zero defect approach. Sharda Corporation ensures that as stainless steel kitchenware suppliers all the stainless steel kitchen accessories are subject to regular ISO audits. This is done mainly to ensure uniformity in the supply of top quality products. What started out as a humble beginning for Sharda Corporation slowly gained momentum every decade. Our commitment to good quality, lead management, supply timewas our first step. Competitive pricing, good sourcing from genuine factories and consistent quality checks have helped us gain recognition locally and globally.

Sharda Corporation started as steel utensils suppliers in Mumbai and went on achieve the tag of Steel utensils exporters in Mumbai! We organised many exhibitions in India and abroad. Why did we do this? Sharda Corporation believes that the way to everybody’s heart is through their stomach so all that is required to prepare delicacies or serve them must be equally good. An exhibition organised by us was our way of reaching out to millions in orderto promote awareness on quality while showcasing stainless steel kitchen accessories. A committed management and sincere hardworking employees enabled us to improve export performance. Eventually this consistent performance as stainless steel utensils exporters in Mumbai got us a coveted recognition from Government of India, Ministry of Commerce as an “Export House” for several years! Our thrust markets are USA, Europe and Far East. We have had a steady climb in the international market. Sharda Corporation has escalated from being known as stainless steel utensils exporters in Mumbai to a sought out recognised organisation.

Sharda Corporation strives to maintain competitive pricing so that our products can find a place for themselves in every kitchen or house. We ensure that we maintain our dedication to supplying quality accessories as stainless steel exporters in Mumbai. Sharda Corporation keeps in mind the comfort value of the product along with utility that stainless steel cutlery suppliers in India must be aware of. We also believe that beauty not only lies in the eyes of the beholder but also in the way the object is presented. For all those in the hospitality sector where presentation and preparation gain equal weightage Sharda Corporation supplies the best stainless steel kitchen accessories.

As part of our dedication to supply chain management we strive to establish and improve customer relations by supplying them with the best. Our philosophy strives not only on customer acquisition but also on customer retention. Our aim is to increase the happiness, monetary value and satisfaction mutually. We are steel utensils suppliers in Mumbai who are also relationship savvy and dedicated.

We believe that life must come to a full circle. Where we touch the lives of customers as steel utensils suppliers in Mumbai we like to touch the heart of many by participating in required social responsibility.

Since last 14 years we have sponsored eye check-ups, cataract operation, critical eye operations, eye donations, distribution of free spectacles, blood donation etc. Since education empowers lives we set up a school in a tribal area and are currently sponsoring 30 students. We provide scholarship to children of our employees. We also arranged for the wedding of six tribal couples. Since past two years we have started doing complete body check ups and providing free medical treatment to the critically needy. So the next time you buy from us remember you are also empowering us to spread more goodwill in the circle of life!