Our Social Responsibilities

As our company has grown and spread its operations, we have become socially conscious and have started to work towards the betterment of people. Associated with many charitable activities, we try and maintain balance between corporate demands and social responsibilities. Listed below are our endeavors in brief;

• Since last 14 years, we have sponsored annual eye check-ups where more than 16500 people have been tested so far.
• About 2200 people have had cataract operations free of charge.  Besides this about 300 patients with critical eye problem have been operated successfully.
• More than 15 people have benefitted from Eye Donations and recovered vision.
• About 7500 spectacles have been distributed to the needy persons.
• With regular blood donation camps we have managed to collect 180 bottles of blood.
• We have also setup a school in a tribal area and are currently sponsoring 30 students.
• We provide scholarships to the children of our staff members as well as to other students.
• We arranged for the marriage of 6 couples in a tribal area and sponsored their household needs.

Since Past 2 Years, we have started doing Full body health Checkup and checked around 1500 people and treated 50 people for various health problems.